About Us

Professional Experience

Dr. Martha Ziehl, founder of the U Smile Center, is a graduate of UNAM, with a specialty in Dental Prosthesis from the Intercontinental University. While in higher education, the intrigue and concern of opening her own clinic began. Thus, she focused on making the right decisions to ensure this goal.
At the conclusion of the studies, he managed to meet his goal, partnering with different recognized dentists who had a large number of satisfied patients in Mexico City, thus creating a dental clinic that brought him a lot of experience and increased his clinical-dental knowledge.
It was thus, that Dr. Ziehl, with her mind and heart set on her goals, began to create her own portfolio of patients. Portfolio that increased the number of its patients exponentially, due to the referral for good care and quality of results; standing out for an excellent service in Prosthodontics and Dental Implantology.
Wanting to make a change in her life to have new and better experiences, she made the decision to live in a unique place, Los Cabos. Without leaving aside his true passion and profession, in his now new place of residence, he founded his own dental clinic.
Now with great experience and clinical knowledge. Dr. Martha Ziehl, is willing to fulfill her main goal of founding her own dental clinic. Based on strict standards of high quality, excellence in service and willingness to improve dental health.


To be a nationally and internationally recognized dental clinic for providing excellent dental care, and for generating a positive impact on our patients and referrals, creating a snowball towards the importance of dental prevention.


Velar siempre por la salud integral del paciente, realizando y recomendando tratamientos necesarios y que no comprometan su salud, actuando siempre con responsabilidad y honestidad.


Our work team at all times observes the values of:
• Honesty Honesty
• Respect Responsibility
• Quality Service